Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sometimes I get Han-gry!

My husband can attest to the following, there are two things in the world that keep me happy- a full belly and plenty of sleep. When either of those get taken away I turn into a beast! And when food is specifically not available fast enough I get downright han-gry! 

Han-gry is a fabulous word I came across that pretty much sums up my relationship and attachment to food.

When I come home from work hungry and there is nothing ready or can be ready quickly, I can feel a beast growing inside me demanding nutrition. My patience weakens, my humour drops and the tone in my voice gets very sarcastic. The happy side of my brain shuts down and anger erupts! My husband can see when the beast is lurking close to the surface and he will either run to the fridge hoping something in there will satisfy my hunger or run to the closest drive-thru so that I can eat quickly. It’s not something I’m proud of, but it’s true. My first goal is that I would like to officially put my beast to rest. Food planning is within my control even if sleep soon won’t be.

As for the sleep, well the beautiful baby I will have in my arms by the end of April will be a new love of mine that will replace my current love of zzzzz’s. And if old habits die hard, I’m lucky to have such supportive family that can come over so I squeeze in a nap! I’ll be sure to trade their supportive time for a nice home-cooked dinner that they are sure to enjoy!



  1. Lol omg I haver hanger issues toooo! Love this post!

  2. Love this post... it is soooo true... even my Grandson Micheal has this hangry problem.....

    As for the lack of ZZZZ's that may be coming your way with the arrival of your first little one... maybe you will be as lucky as me and she will sleep through the night right away... both mine did.... and they still like to sleep... ha ha.... I am sure you will have lots of help from family and friends.... Keep writing....