The Plan

So here's the deal... I am going to try 3 new meals per week and 1 dessert or appetizer that I've wanted to try. The ones that work out marvellously will go into my recipe box to build up my meal plan repertoire. The ones that cause disaster in my kitchen will be put on my "Recipes for Disaster" page so that I can either a) Find out from all of you where I went wrong or b) Save you from ever making the same mistake as I did trying that recipe.

I'm going to post some old recipe favourites of mine that I know already work so that you can have the opportunity to try out some of my family recipes! I'm also on occasion going to post some comfort food, because you can be good and healthy most of the time but sometimes life gets rough and you need a little R&R equipped with high-calorie snacks! One of my favourite foods is poutine. And if you told me I could never have it again, I'm not going to deny it, I may cry a little.

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