Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Historial Slice

My Grandmother
It’s funny how sometimes inanimate objects can pull on your heart strings. I was making a raspberry lemon loaf the other day (which I will post about soon) but it called for a rectangle pan that I didn’t have so I used a circular cake pan instead. I was telling my Mom about this when she went to her cupboard and grabbed a rectangular glass pan she wasn’t using. She told me it was my Grandmother’s and that she had two so I could have one. The glass pan had had years of use I could tell by its discolouration. It would never look new again, but somehow seeing its many baking days etched into the pan made it that much more special for me. It was like I had a piece of my Grandmother’s life in my hand and I could picture her baking in the kitchen with my mom and aunts. I never had the opportunity to meet my Grandmother because she died when my mother was young but my mom talked about her often growing up so even though I didn’t meet her, I still feel like I am connected to her. She was an amazing woman and from time to time I see bits and pieces of what she must have been like in my aunts and my mom. It’s now my favourite dish in the kitchen and when I bake with it I picture that she’s baking with me. I wonder what tips and tricks she would have to tell me?
Cream Cheese Banana Bread 


  1. I know exactly how you feel about your grandmother's loaf pan. I too have items from my grandparents past that when I use them I feel close ro them.
    Like you I never met my mom's mom as she died very early in life. I do have My grandmother china which I treasure. At one time I had a plater that she used for serving banana bread but unfortunately it fell and broke, a piece of her died again. I always ask myself why did that have to happen!

  2. just read your blog about grandma's loaf pan now with tears in my eyes i must head of to work i thank you deeply for the memories, very touching she was a special lady lots of love mom