Monday, January 9, 2012

Attention! Introducing General Tso

I have been pretty relaxed with my meal planning recently because I’ve been on holidays for 2 weeks. I was home so I could decide on a whim what I wanted to cook without having to do much preparation in advance.  

But with heading back to work, I knew I had to get back on track so that I wouldn’t be running for the closest drive-thru when my tummy started to grumble. These days it seems I need to eat something every 2 hours to keep the baby and me happy. But, I love food so it far from breaks my heart. However, hoping to only gain baby weight and not just “I’m eating for two weight” I knew a plan was in order. I always aim to make extra of whatever I'm making for supper so I have leftovers for work the next day. With the limits of not being able to have cold meat when pregnant, I quickly ran out of lunch options. Plus, I enjoy having a hot meal at lunch so really it's win-win. I'm saving myself the work of planning a supper and lunch by repeating the same meal the following day.

I was perusing Pinterest (if you haven’t already checked this site out, I suggest you stop what you are doing right now and go to this site! It’s fantastic and has so many great ideas!) Anyways, I came across a recipe for a Healthier version of General Tso’s Chicken and knew immediately that I had to make it. Luckily, I had everything at home already, so I didn’t have to trek out on the snowy day to get ingredients.  If I get something in my head that I want there’s very little I can do to steer it back into any other direction. We’ll blame the pregnancy for my current craving motivations.

This recipe was so easy and I would have never thought that this was something I could make. I will definitely be making this again.

However, I am more of a spice then ginger sorta girl, so I would opt to add more chilli flakes and less ginger next time to give it more zing. I also added orange pepper chunks and think next time I will also add broccoli. I like a lot of vegetables so it’s a good way to add some extra into your meals without compensating on flavour.


  1. good morning just got caught up on all your blog love it, so honest about your cooking failures you don't see to many cooks own up to that and we've all had a few or many. keep up the great work love mom

  2. Thanks! My successes are now starting to outweigh the failures so hopefully it will give other people motivation to keep trying!