Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Baking Day

Gingerbread cookies are one of my favourite types of cookies. So, when I had a Christmas Baking day in December with my Mom and Sister-in-Law Tash that was my cookie of choice to make.

The recipe was super easy, but my suggestion would be to add more spice, because I felt the cookie was pretty mellow. I opted not to use cloves so I should have added more cinnamon or ginger to balance out the spice ratios.
The thing with Gingerbread is it has to chill in the fridge for a couple of hours so that you can roll it because it gets soft very easily, so it’s not something you can just whip up. But with a little bit of planning, these cookies can easily make it to the dessert table. They are fun to decorate too!

I’ve always been a bigger fan of baking then cooking, which makes sense why I’m more skilled at it because I took an interest in baking when I was little.

Tash opted to make Toblerone Shortbread Cookies and they are delicious and super fast to make! If you’re watching your weight, avoid looking at the calorie count on these puppies because they’re basically butter, sugar and chocolate. But it was a Christmas treat, so we indulged!

Happy Baking!

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